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How to take care of those delicate bamboo fabrics? Bamboo is wonderfully soft, but that means it must be handled with care!  Thankfully, I've been washing & drying these bad boys for a while, here's our recommended care instructions:

  • Garments, swaddles & blankets:
    • Machine wash inside out with like colors (seriously, do not mix dark and light!) on gentle cold wash - make sure all the zips, buttons & snaps are closed
    • Tumble dry low or Hang or Lay Flat to Dry
    • Bonus points: lay flat to dry for optimal results
    • Extra pro tip: use a color catcher to further prevent color bleeding
  • Accessories
    • Hand wash (do not scrub with a brush!)
    • Lay flat or hang to dry 
  • Things to avoid:
    • Washing with rough fabrics (such as towels) or other garments with zippers, hooks/buttons, or Velcro – anything that can snag the soft bamboo
    • Do not let the fabric soak or stay wet for long. Transfer to dryer immediately. Or tumble dry low for a few minutes to soak excess moisture before hanging to dry - this will prevent bleeds!
    • Bleach! Never use bleach on this delicate fabric
    • Pulling on the fabric to open snaps - always use your fingers on the snaps directly to open as pulling on the fabric will lead to tears

That's it! If you follow those instructions, you'll be all set!